Join the Stokey Local Bug Parade on Sat 27 Jul 12:30pm


Have you seen the fantastic banners we have displayed outside Abney Park, on the High Street (above Hamdy’s news) and outside St Paul’s Church? With less than three weeks to the planning meeting, it looks as if Stokey is gearing itself up for a showdown over the Sainsbury’s/Wilmer Place development. Already we have our campaign poster up in many shops in the area. If you want one for your front window, to display in a community venue, or if you can help with asking shop keepers to display them, then please collect them from Hamdy’s newsagent, 167 Stoke Newington High St.

The on-line petition is now approaching 2,500 signatures so please do help to promote it by using email, blogs, facebook and twitter to circulate the link to friends, work-colleagues, neighbours etc.  The petition is at:

We are also receiving growing numbers of the paper copy of the petition, (to use at street stalls, farmers markets etc) a version can be downloaded here:

Our campaign leaflets will not now be with us until next week (the sympathetic designer is doing them for free,  but won’t now get them to us until the weekend, and then they need to be printed). It looks like we will have the printed leaflets with us by next Wednesday or Thursday, which will mean we will need to work hard to get them through doors in time. If you have already registered to help distribute them door-to-door distribution thank you very much and we will be in touch. If you would like to add your name to our small army of distributors (if everyone can deliver just 300 leaflets door to door, we can get the whole area covered) please can register by visiting here:

The Bug Parade
We will be staging the ‘bug parade’ on Saturday 27 July 12:30 pm (meet at the entrance to Abney Park on Stamford Hill. Please give some thought to your costume, some ideas below, but most importantly please make sure you attend, and bring people with you, we need to show that there is an ever growing community opposition to this proposal. This is not a ‘protest march’, it is a ‘bug parade’ a fun way to show how we feel and to galvanise support while celebrating the uniqueness of Stokey (which after all is what we are trying to preserve)

Abney Park are organising a costume making fun day on Saturday 20th
Abney Park Costume Making Day
Classroom, Abney Park, Stoke Newington High St
20 July 10am-6pm
Email for more info!

Sainsbury’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility?
To date we have not had a response from Sainsbury to our request to meet with their director of Coprorate Social Responsibility, but we remain hopeful that we will receive a response.

Sign up
If you would like to join our mailing list, please visit: and sign up.

Please, speak to people about this issue, forward this email onto friends, post about it on facebook, tweet about it, and ensure that everyone knows about this campaign.

Thank you to everyone for your support.

Below are just a few suggestions for costumes!