Map of Shops

The aim of this map is to help visualise the number and divsersity of existing local, independent shops (green markers) that already sell the same products that a new supermarket (red marker) would sell. The blue markers represent existing supermarkets in the area. Yellow markers indicate shops which have been identified but have not yet been visited. Black markers represent shops that have closed since the mapping was done.

The map was populated by hitting the streets and checking out all of the shops, large and small, within a half mile radius of the proposed site (the shaded area). If you click on a marker you can see what each shop sells.

The map is very nearly complete and the tally so far is 62 businesses (including supermarkets) within half a mile of the proposed site, of which 24 sell fresh vegetables, 22 sell fresh fruit, 19 sell fresh meat, 9 sell fresh fish, 10 have deli counters, 27 sell dairy products, 29 sell bread, 19 sell frozen food, 30 sell things for the larder, 25 sell alcohol, 22 sell household cleaning products, 2 pharmacies, 20 sell newspapers and 32 sell confectionery.