Local Heritage

Local Heritage

The original plan included the demolition of two Victorian terraced buildings at 193 – 197 Stoke Newington High Street. These buildings are designated as being of "Townscape Merit" meaning that they are notable for their interesting character and are located within the Stoke Newington Conservation Area. The developer says that the revised plans will retain the existing frontages on the High Street.

Two years ago there was a similar proposal which made it to the planning stage which involved a smaller supermarket (of about 1,500m2), removal of the car park and provision of 130 bicycle facilities. This plan also involved the demolition of the same two Victorian terraced buildings (193 – 197) plus two additional buildings in that terrace (199 – 201).

This plan was rejected by the council because those buildings:

“…are considered to make a positive contribution to the character and appearance of Stoke Newington Conservation Area and an inadequate case has been made for their demolition. There loss without an adequate replacement would have an adverse impact upon that character and appearance of the conservation area.”

The site is also located right next to the beautiful Grade II listed Abney Park Cemetery gates.