Noise & Safety

Noise & Safety

A number of the residents who live on Wilmer Place are particularly concerned about the noise and safety issues which surround this proposal, in particular due to the heavy goods vehicles delivering food to the store.

These vehicles would have to come along Church Street, a street used extensively by pedestrians and cyclists, and turn onto Wilmer Place, right outside the William Patten Primary School.  The residents already have problems with the noise and vehicle movements associated with the Whole Foods, a small store in comparison to the proposed store, located on the corner of Church Street and Wilmer Place.

At this point in time it is unknown how many HGV deliveries could be expected per day, what size of delivery vehicle would be used, or what time deliveries would happen but we will attempt to get hold of that information at the consultation.  It is reported that the proposal includes the removal of the pavement in Wilmer Place in order to enable the lorries to turn onto the street and negotiate the immediate sharp right hand turn.

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