Wilmer Place proposal redesigned and a further public exhibition planned

There has been some movement on the part of the developers. The Casenove Area Action Group received an email from Four Communications regarding the proposal:

From: Nicholas Vose

Date: Mon, 14 May 2012

I am writing to update you regarding our revised proposals for the above site in Stoke Newington, Hackney and to offer you a briefing.

The proposals will provide a significantly reduced foodstore which will increase much needed footfall in this area and provide new homes including affordable homes for Hackney.

Following the consultation activity we undertook in 2011 we have carefully considered the feedback we have received from LB Hackney officers, elected members, local residents, business owners and other stakeholders and have made a number of significant revisions to the proposals, which we have already received some positive feedback on.

If you would like to discuss the proposals in more detail and arrange a briefing prior to the second public exhibition please do not hesitate to contact me.

We will be holding a second public exhibition shortly and I will ensure that you receive a separate invitation in due course.  

Yours sincerely,  


Nicholas Vose

Account manager – Four Public Affairs

So as was suggested late last year there has been a redesign but at this stage we don't know how the proposal has been modified (the developer's webiste still hasn't been updated yet

We'll keep you posted on developments.

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  • ben moore-bridger

    I'm a reporter from the Evening Standard. Could someone please call me as soon as possible on 07869148138 or the email above? Thanks