Part Time Versus Full Time Jobs

It’s a lovely morning in Stoke Newington and the consultation is in full swing. Come on down and find out more about the development.

I’ve been having a conversation with one of the people here and quizzed him about the split between part time and full time jobs (so far all they’ve revealed is “up to 200 jobs” which doesn’t mean a great deal).

While it apparently hasn’t been formally set in stone, he said he expected it to be around 60% part time to 40% full time.

Someone else asked about wages and apparently Sainsbury’s will pay a bit above the minimum wage but less than the London living wage.

One comment

  • Viejo

    Another thing to say about jobs is that ‘200 new jobs for the local community’ – as the boards in the display put it- is not the same as 200 additional jobs. Sainsburys rep admitted as much. Historicall As supermarkets have increased their market share employment in retail has not increased at the same rate. If you want to encourage additional jobs through retail supermarkets are not the best model.