If you have skills, time or ideas that could help the Stokey Local campaign then please get in touch.

It is also very important that as many people as possible register their views about this development with the developers and Sainsbury’s. The feedback forms provided at the consultation were exceptionally limited and open up the potential for the developer and PR company to draw distorted conclusions of the views of the community.

In order to put across your opinion in a clear and unambiguous  manner we would suggest that you take the time to write an email or make a telephone call. On these pages we are compiling a directory of people who you can contact in order to discuss your concerns about this development.

If the developer goes ahead with the proposal and lodges a formal planning application, it is expected that there will be a formal consultation run by the council, but we have not yet reached this stage.  For the moment we recommend that you contact your local councillors and encourage them to take a position on this matter as well as sending your views to Sainsubry’s, Newmark Properties and Four Communications in the first instance. It is critically important that the developer and Sainsbury’s understand in no uncertain terms that this development will be fought all the way.

Alternatively Four Communications has set up a freepost address for consultation feedback:

195-201 Stoke Newington High Street Consultation
c/o Four Communications