Stoke Newington Basket Comparison Results: Sainsbury’s not the cheap option

At the end of 2011, one of the Stokey Local working groups conducted some surveys of shops. The first of these was the basket comparison which compared the costs of Sainsbury's against a range of local independent shops as well as Tesco and Morrisons.

In the majority of cases (17 out of 25 items) local shops provide a cheaper option than Sainsbury's, there was similar pricing for 2 out of 25 items and for 5 items local shops do not provide a cheaper alternative to Sainsburys. In the 5 cases where Sainsbury's was cheaper than local shops, Tesco or Morrisons provided a cheaper option than Sainsbury's. 

This survey showed quite clearly that Sainsbury's do not offer the cheapest food options, something that runs counter to the image created in their advertising. Once again we strongly encourage the people of Stoke Newignton to support their local shops not just because they make Stoke Newington a more interesting place to live, but because they offer good quality food at very competitive prices. 

The summary results of the basket comparison survey are below and more detailed information about the prices can be found here. We will also be publishing the results of a survey of local shopkeepers soon. Our thanks go to Lucy for organising these surveys.

Costs of Sainsburys items compared to local shops, and Tesco and Morrisons

Bread – Similar pricing.

Tomatoes (loose)  – Consistently cheaper in local shops.

Organic potatoes, organic spinach and organic red onions – Not widely available in local shops. However the organic farmers market is considerably cheaper on potatoes and spinach, and the same price for onions.

Fairy liquid  – Similar pricing.

Disposable razors – Similar pricing.

Smoked haddock and fresh sardines – Slightly more expensive in local shops. Tescos provides cheaper smoked haddock.

Butter – For leading brand Kerrygold Sainburys is cheaper. For other brands, local shops can provide cheaper options.

Rice – Sainsburys is cheaper than the local shops, but Morrisons is even cheaper.

Eggs (Free Range) – Local shops are considerably cheaper.

Eggs (not Free Range) – Sainsburys is cheaper than the local shops, but not as cheap as Morrisons.

Chickpeas (own brand) – Local shops are consistently cheaper than Sainsburys.

Tinned tomatoes – Local shops are consistently cheaper than Sainsburys.

Nappies (Pampers Babydry 22) – Local shops are consistently cheaper than Sainsburys, as are Morrisons.

Toilet (Roll x 4) – Local shops are consistently cheaper than Sainsburys, as are Morrisons and Tescos.

Feta (200g) – Local shops are more expensive, but Morrisons and Tescos are cheaper.

Yoghurt (500g plain) – Local shops tend to be the same price or cheaper.

Tea (Yorkshire 80 bags, and own brand 80 bags) – Local shops are consistently cheaper than Sainsburys, as are Morrisons and Tescos.

Milk – Available cheaper in Morrisons, and at least two local shops.

Bananas (per kilo) – Slightly more expensive at local shops

Stella (4 pack) – Considerably cheaper at local shops and at Morrisons and Tescos

Bacon (per kilo) – Local shops are slightly more expensive, Tescos and Morrisons are cheaper.

Chicken breast fillet (per kilo) – The local butcher is cheaper, as is Tescos and Morrisons.

Apples – Cheaper at Tescos and Morrisons, and considerably cheaper at many local shops

Mint (bunch) – Considerably cheaper at local shops.

Parsley (bunch) – Considerably cheaper at local shops.

Red Pepper (per kilo) – Considerably cheaper at local shops.


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