Turkish Meeting Posters

As you may already know, there are 2 meetings planned to discuss the proposed development.

If you know any Turkish people who want to attend, it might be useful to give them a copy of this poster, so that they can distribute it amongst the local community.

Sainsbury poster Turkish

The first will be an opportunity for people who are involved (or who want to be involved) in the Stokey Local campaign to meet and decide on next steps. The Stokey Local planning meeting will be this Wednesday 6th July at 8pm, the Boiler House Community Space, George Downing Estate, Cazenove Road.

The second is a broader public meeting being organised by Hackney Unites. Tis will be a good opportunity for concerned residents to discuss the problems and impacts associated with the proposed development. The Hackney Unites public meeting will be next Wednesday 13 July at 7pm, St Mary’s Church Community Centre, Defoe Road (Church Street end).

Spot the difference

Spot the difference – Saturday July 2nd 2011

Current view from junction on Cazanove Road and Stamford Hill

Did you get it?

Yup – a 30 year old tree has appeared from no-where to hide the proposed development, and possibly mask a removal of the existing Abney Park (Woodland Nature Reserve) trees.

Perhaps this is what is meant by “Try something new today