New petition launched

We have launched a new on-line petition calling on the Council to reject the renewed Sainsbury/WIlmer Place over-development. Help us say ‘NO’, by signing the petition and then urging others to do the same: click here to go to the petition.

Our target for the petition must be 6,000 (to show that opposition is growing rather than receding) Please tweet, facebook, email and speak to friends and neighbours about signing the petition.

Don’t forget our campaign planning meeting on Wednesday

We have a campaign planning meeting on Wednesday 26 June, at 6.30 – 8pm, at the Methodist Church 106, Stoke Newington High Street, N16 (next door to the existing Sainsbury’s Local). Please come along and let us know your views about how we can alert our community to this planning application and publicise the opposition. Read here for more info, and if you can attend, please register here.


Please do tweet, facebook, email and speak to people about this getting invoved in this campaign and registering their objections via the on-line petition.

Please sign up to our email alerts by clicking here.


  • Hope Freeman

    We don’t want it!

  • dominic

    i don’t see what your concern is. if stokey people really don’t want to shop there, then it will shut down and sainsburys will have wasted its money. if it makes a profit then that means there’s demand for a food shop that doesn’t exclude half the local community by having high prices, like whole earth next door does. who are you to deny people the choice to buy food that doesn’t cost the earth?

  • Lara

    Hi Dominic,
    This is a concern. a concern that another giant – that WE do not need as we have already Morrison, Sainsbury’s local and a Tesco all very nearby – will be 1) taking over a space that faces directly the main road, where the East London furniture cafe’ was in the past. That building , as I have been told, will be partly demolished to make space for the new supermarket. 2) Sainsbury’s building and architecture will be taking over the surrounding houses and the park, which is of course under threat, as well as its animals and natural habitat – can you imagine the big delivery trucks parking and loading stock??? 3) traffic congestion around the area, as this is unavoidable for such monstrosity. and 4 point, the most important one, is that Sainsbury’s cannot care less what people want!! Do you actually think that they are planning to build in Stokey to satisfy people’s choices and be so generous?? Noo of course!!! there is one word for this, and is MONEY! Stoke Newington’s living standards and people’s income has obviously increased, which means that the area has become one of the most sought after by hungry, greedy property developers who can see only profit filling up their pockets and nothing else. And sorry but if you think that Sainsbury’s doesn’t cost the earth, I would suggest you to have a trip at Morrisons then, where the SAME brand cost much less. Plus, fresh produce is far more tasty and cheaper if bought at the local nearby Turkish stores, and markets like Ridley Road. There is also Fresh & Fruity in Stamford Hill, which is brilliant as it sells a variety of produce from around the world. Saying so I know that lots of people are bloody lazy and they’re expecting to walk two steps out of their house and have everything there and ready. And you are right in saying that it will make profit, that’s for sure. Because this is the reason why Sainsbury’s chiefs are intending to gain, regardless the point of view of local shops and residents that are opposing its development.