Newmark fight on with a revised application

On Wednesday 8 May, Greg Cohen of Newmark Properties wrote to neighbours of the Wilmer Place site to tell them a revised planning application has been submitted which they feel addresses the three reasons for refusal of the previous scheme. We await the full, validated application in order to assess the impact of the new scheme. At that point,  a whole new 21-day consultation period will begin but in the meantime here is the text of the letter which outlines the changes:

08 May 2013

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: 193-201 Stoke Newington High Street: submission of new application

We are taking this opportunity to update you on the plans to regenerate 193-201 Stoke Newington High Street. You may be aware that following a recommendation for approval by the council’s planning officers, the planning sub-committee decided to refuse the application on 3rd April 2013.

After carefully considering the reasons for refusal the developer has today submitted a revised application which aims to fully address the issues raised.

The key revisions to the application are as follows;

Impact on character and setting of surrounding heritage assets, in particular the Stoke Newington Conservation Area, Abney Park Cemetery and gates

  • The northern wing of the residential element facing the cemetery has been set back by a further 1.2m, and is now an average of 5.4m from the site boundary;
  • The southern wing has been set back by a further 3.2m and is now an average of Sm from the site boundary. These changes are set out fully in the submitted Design and Access Statement.
  • Further improvements in terms of the setting of the cemetery gates have been achieved, by amending the northern facade of the building to make it calmer, more regular and to give it a more pronounced vertical emphasis, reflecting the characteristics of the fenestrations of the Victorian retail  terraces on Stoke Newington High Street. Similarly, these changes are expanded upon in the submitted Design and Access Statement. This reason for refusal has been addressed by the amended scheme.

Impact on natural habitats and biodiversity within Abney Park Cemetery

  • Responding to the loss of a proportion of the grass verge of the existing car park on the site in the previous application, the new application has pulled back the podium wall of the development by a further 1.3 -1.6m, preserving more than 130% of the grass verge outside the new building footprint.
  • The overall setback of the scheme as previously outlined reduces any perceived impact on trees within the Cemetery, as well as reducing perceived impacts through overshadowing. The area of grass verge which currently forms part of the boundary of the existing car park now becomes part of the Cemetery.

Providing an adequate proportion of family sized affordable units (3 or 4 beds)

  • The previous application already met LB Hackney’s cr iteria for provision of affordable housing.
  • However, the mix of homes onsite in the new application has been changed to provide an increase in the number of 3\4 bedroom properties from 13 to 16.
  • The developer has also increased the number of family units within the private element of the revised scheme and now includes 14 x 3bed units which equates to 32% on a unit basis (42% based on habitable rooms).
  • The rented element still contains 34% family accommodation (45% base on habitable rooms)

The proposals, developed to the highest environmental standards will regenerate this important part of Stoke Newington High Street, creating a high quality car free and cycle friendly destination. The proposals will also
increase footfall to the area thereby aiding local businesses, provide a large number of new jobs for local people and helping sustain the Stoke Newington economy into the future. Newmark Properties (SN) LLP remains passionate about the project and the regeneration benefits it will bring to Hackney residents and to the Stoke Newington area.

LB Hackney will shortly be consulting local residents and businesses on the amendments to the application but in the meantime if you require any further information or would like to discuss the revisions in more detail please do not hesitate to contact us on or call my colleague Patrick Kinsella on 0203 023 9078.

Yours sincerely

Greg Cohen
Newmark Properties (SN) LLP