New Planning Application Submitted

We understand that a new planning application for the Wilmer Place website has been submitted by the developers. The headline changes (as we understand them) are:

  • A height reduction of approximately 1.5 stories, although the height is largely removed from the bottom/retail unit ceiling height.
  • Height has also been reduced towards the cemetery around the two storeys that were on top of the retail unit
  • 15 fewer residential units; we are unsure of the mix at this stage.
  • Given this change there is likely to be a remodelling of the financial viability of the project.
  • The proposed retail floor space and frontage arrangements remain unchanged
  • There will be a new bat study and enhanced Ecology study around the cemetery
  • TfL and Highways previously had no strong views on transport issues so it is expected that this will remain broadly the same.
  • There is still concern about the actual height and it seems that officers have requested more CGI views, a model and even suggested a scaffold be built to actual height to properly assess the scale and height, the committee could defer the scheme if it is unconvinced the point has been properly proven.

Importantly, the revised plans will require a new 21 day consultation period.

Letters will go out to previous consultees and documents will be posted on the website shortly. Once we have seen the revised plans we will call a meeting and produce our own assessment of the revisions. Our best guess is that the application will not now go before committee until at least Wed 3 April.

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