Joint Statement by local groups opposing a new supermarket development in the heart of Stoke Newington

Friday 21 September

There are three days remaining for members of the public and interested groups to submit their comments to Hackney Council on a proposed large supermarket and housing development at Wilmer Place in the heart of Stoke Newington.

As the Council's revised deadine nears, ten local amenity and campaign groups have issued a joint statement collectively supporting the considered objections to the scheme made by a five local groups and experts.

The statement reads:

Having considered the objections to the proposed development at Wilmer Place from the following local amenity groups and experts:
the groups below collectively support the aforementioned objections:
Stokey Local –
Sustainable Hackney –
Russell Miller Arboriculture
Tree Musketeers –
London Parks & Gardens Trust –
Clapton Conservation Areas Advisory Committee –
Hackney Planning Watch –
Hackney Unites –
Growing Communities –
Cazenove Area Action Group –
Friday 21 September 2012

Background to the statement:

The scheme by Newpark Properties proposes to insert a large Sainsburys supermarket with 68 new homes above it, on land that sits hard by Abney Park Cemetery nature reserve. It has been roundly criticised and faces near-universal opposition from local residents and businesses.
Amongst their objections, the groups cite
  • damage to the sensitive woodland ecology of the Abney Park nature reserve;
  • loss of privacy and seclusion in one of the "Magnificent Seven" Cemeteries in London;
  • damage to the local economy including many small businesses on site and the much lauded array of small local retail shops;
  • lack of "need" given the the number of supermarkets nearby, including a larger Morrisons just 300m away;
  • poor provision of affordable housing;
Following the delayed posting of planning notices on-site, members of the public and interested parties have until the end of the day, Monday 24 September to sumbit comments on the application to the Council.
Stokey Local have published information on how to do this, along with the detailed objections of the groups mentioned in the statement, on their website: