Zombies Rise Up in Stoke Newington on Saturday 1st October

Next Saturday 1st  October the living dead will mark their outrage at the invasion of the proposed new Sainsbury’s in Stoke Newington by marching lurching through town.

Their aim is to raise awareness of the serious problems associated with the development amongst local residents, shoppers and shopkeepers.

All zombies are very welcome to join the protest and you can find more information and links to flyers and posters below:

 WHEN? Saturday 1 October, 12pm

WHERE? Assemble at Wilmer Place, Stoke Newington High Street

Local residents in Stoke Newington are up in arms at retail giant Sainsbury’s plans to build a massive 2,200sqm superstore on the corner of Church Street and the High Street.

Now local people are making the point that a giant supermarket will kill off local shops with a light-hearted Zombie Day on Sat 1 Oct.

There’ll be a mock funeral for the local economy with traditional jazz musicians. And local people of all ages will dress up as Zombies as Abney Park Cemetery gives up its famous dead to say NO to Sainsbury’s.

Community-minded zombies will lurch up and down Church Street handing out leaflets and explaining why Sainsbury’s is a threat to local business – and will make traffic congestion even worse.

Afterwards there’ll be tea and cake (zombie cake, of course) at St Mary’s Church Hall to 3pm.

Everyone is welcome – especially zombie kids. Already 150+ people have said via Facebook that they’ll attend.

Stoke Newington has a long history of dissent and free thought. We’re sure that Daniel Defoe, Paul Foot, Mark Bolan, and Salvation Army founders William and Catherine Booth – who are buried in Abney Park Cemetery, which would be blighted by the new Sainsbury’s – would have been against this unwanted invasion of a thriving community of locally-owned businesses.

So don’t be surprised if you see some of Stoke Newington’s famous late residents rising from the dead to make their thoughts known too…

Come down and join in. As the zombies say: “No to Sainsbury’s – yes to BRAINS-bury’s!”

A3 Zombie Poster for Printing (jpg)

A3 Zombie Poster for Printing (pdf)

A5 Zombie Leaflet for Emails (jpg)

A5 Zombie Leaflet for Emails (pdf)

A5 Zombie Leaflet for Printing (pdf)


  • Pat

    This is fantastic and i wish i could join you but im moving out of SN after 2 years of residing here but i need a garden for the kids we we are heading north, ill still be in full support of y'all, ive already started boycotting sainsburys, for the good of the area…and the nation!! who cares that it will create 200 jobs, yeah 200 unskilled crap jobs!

  • Hello Stokey Local,
    Apologies if you consider this to be an abuse of this forum but the Old Church, Stoke Newington really needs the help of people who are interested in keeping it open to the public.
    Please visit http://www.smartn16.org/http://www.smartn16.org/ to see how SMART are raising £200,000 to preserve this building for the community. 
    Let us know whether you donate your time, skills or money and thanks for continuing to support localism!