Transport considerations

I’ve been talking transport and trying to  get an idea of what impact this development might have if it were to go ahead.

The developer is claiming that there would be 6 to 8 truck deliveries per day. The trucks would be 11m long rigid HGVs which would turn into Wilmer Place from Church Street (right opposite the primary school).  The Wilmer Place residents tell me that part of the plans will be to remove the pavements on Wilmer Place (which is an access road to their homes).

At the moment no one seems to know whether they will come from the west end of Church Street or from the South end of the High St.  I’m told that for some unspecified reason milk and bread will be delivered separately in vans.  The council will put restrictions on the times when these vehicles can deliver but there’s no indication of what time of day this will be.

On the car side of things it’s anticipated that the development would cause a 3% increase in traffic at the morning peak and a 5% increase in the evening peak and in absolute terms they”re forecasting 40 cars arriving and 40 cars leaving the car park per hour giving 80 car movements in total. According to the TfL gyratory study that stretch of the high street has about 1,000 vehicles per hour passing through it.  Hackney Council have commissioned their own gyratory study which has been completed but not published so hopefully we’ll have some more current figures soon.

As part of the planning application (if it gets that far) they will have to submit a detailed transport assessment so we’ll just have to wait to see what that says and assess it when it gets published.