“Provision of consumer choice especially for those without access to a car”

I think we’ve amply demonstrated through the map of local shops (still growing, book shops and florists to come) that there is already a lot of consumer choice for people living in and around Stoke Newington through the wide range of independents as well as the existing supermarkets.

The Morrison’s on Stamford Hill is just a few hundred meters away from the proposed site and the large Sainsbury’s in Dalston and the Sainsbury’s up Stamford Hill are an easy bus ride away. In the centre of Stoke Newington we also have the small Sainsbury’s and Tesco which can provide the very few things that the existing independents don’t tend to provide.

The area is very well provided for with non-car transport options: nine bus routes pass through the junction of Church Street and the High Street, there is an overland train station within 300m of the proposed site, Stoke Newington is located in the borough with the highest rate of cycling in London and both Church Street and the High Street have very high pedestrian footfall.

By the way we’re going to be doing a basket price comparison between the existing supermarkets and the independents within a half mile radius of the site – the supermarkets (well some of them at least) seem to be very keen on comparing their prices with the other supermarkets so let’s see how the supermarkets fair against the independents. Initial research suggests that it’s going to be quite illuminating!

I’m on an achingly slow 3G connection here and having a few technical hitches as a result but we’re getting there somehow. Will be dipping back into the consultation to find out more. Back in a hour or so.

One comment

  • I can’t see how a Sainsbury is going to give more consumer choice, I’m convinced that establishing a Sainsbury in the area will lead to no choice at all. Giving the financial climate no independent shop will be able to compete with Sainsbury, and so ultimately Stoke Newington will have no choice but Sainsbury when all the independents disappear.