Live blogging from the consultation today

It’s the last morning of consultation at Abney Hall on Church Street from 9 til 1.

We’ll be live blogging from the consultation today, keeping you up to date with how the morning develops. We’ll also be reporting and assessing specific claims being made on the posters and by the representatives of the developer and Sainsbury’s.

If you can’t make it down today then feel free to post in the comments below letting us know your views.


  • Quite simply, Stoke Newington doesn’t need another supermarket. There are already several very large supermarkets – Morrisons (Stamford Hill) and Sainsbury’s (Stamford Hill) and a Sainsbury’s Local on the High Street. The community is vehemently opposed to it; the local businesses which have worked so hard to build up custom and help make up the fabric of the community are vehemently opposed to it and another supermarket, in a ridiculous location would be detrimental to this. Sainsbury’s is a massive, profit-making company which would put its margins and shareholders before Stoke Newington’s community, and there’s little reassurance that it would act in the interests of the local community. There is no place for it on Stoke Newington Church Street.

  • Lisa Owen-Jones

    We do not need another supermarket in N16. We are already well served by the ones we have. Another Sainsburys doesn’t offer the the local area anything new. And we already have 2 Sainsburys in walking distance and very accessible by bus. What we need is support for independent N16 shops run by local people.

  • Have they released details of their travel plan and transport impact assessment?

    I can’t see how you can deal with the added car traffic that a large superstore would bring to a junction that is already over capacity. Any added traffic to Church Street would be disastrous to the high street traders and the area in general as it would destroy the ‘village’ feel that makes Stoke Newington what it is.