Sainsbury’s returns: what next? Public meeting on Tuesday 12th June

The proposed Sainsbury's development at Wilmer Place is back and given the high level of public concern about its potential impact, Stokey Local is calling an action meeting for local people to discuss the implications of the proposed development and consider what if anything we should do to influence the developer, Sainsbury or other parties.

The meeting will be on Tuesday 12th June from 7pm at the Old Fire Station on Leswin Road if you plan to attend, can you please register in advance so that we have an idea of the numbers who will attend.

The revised proposal comprises a large Sainsbury's supermarket (about the same size as the one on Stamford Hill) and 68 flats. This new proposal differs from the original proposal in three main areas:

  • Reducing the supermarket size by a third to 16,000 square foot

  • Increasing the number of flats from 44 to 68

  • Removing the underground car park and vehicle access from the High Street

For more information about the proposed development please check out the Stokey Local website and the developer's Wilmer Place website.

It would also help greatly if you were to share this event through your facebook page, twitter, or even good old fashioned word of mouth!


  • Ben

    "In short the area is already well stocked with supermarkets…"?
    The small "Local" and "Express" type supermarkets provide a different function than the larger ones – you cannot do a weekly shop in them. If anyone is in any doubt that the area needs a new large supermarket may I suggest they try to do a weekly shop in the overcrowded chaos that is Dalston Kinsland Sainsburys.
    "..but more importantly there is also a large number of small, independent shops which supply an amazing range of high quality, fresh food and which have to compete against these existing supermarkets in a very challenging economic climate."
    Far more importantly, there are tens of thousand of residents in the area who would be grateful for the opportunity to get their shopping as cheap as possible in a very challenging economic climate. Why should they be forced to subsidise expensive independents? Commerce should serve the majority of the populus – not vice-versa.

  • Henry

    @ Ben
    From Sainsbury's proposed new store, the Morrisons is 350 metres away.  The Sainsbury's in Stamford Hill is 1095 metres away.  The other Sainsbury's in Stoke Newington is 400 metres away.  Like you said, another in Dalston, less than 2km away.  Give or take 5 metres.
    The point is, if you want to shop in a supermarket, the choice is already there.  Or you can shop online.  But I love shopping in small shops and having a variety.  And I still use Morrisons, I'm not against supermarkets as an idea, but I think we have enough.
    And I love your idea that commerce should serve the majority.  But Sainsbury's is not in it to serve you.  They are trying to open a new store so they can make more profit for their shareholders

  • Ben

    "They are trying to open a new store so they can make more profit for their shareholders."
    And they'll only do that because large numbers of the SN community will freely choose to walk into their store to enjoy the benefit of modern commerce on their doostep. You say you "think we have enough" – if that were true the new one won't survive. You must know that it'll be very popular with the community – that is precisely why you oppose it.
    From the way you belittle the distances, I'm guessing you're not a parent with a young child and no car trying to do a weekly shop?