Clissold Ward Councillor Surgery on Monday

*** correction: no surgery in August ***

For everyone who lives in Clissold Ward, your councillors should be having a surgery this Monday (1st Monday of the month). This will be an excellent opportunity to meet them and discuss the development in person.

More information on who your councillors are and where and when the surgeries will take place can be found here.


  • Ruth

    Can you please tell me why my comment was removed? I was trying to give you some helpful advice. If you are going to remove comments without warning, that’s not a good start to a democratic local campaign.

  • admin

    Hi Ruth

    I took the decision to remove it because I don’t want this website to be a venue for personal comments directed at individuals. The reason for the delay in removing it is that I have been away for the last few days.

    I would like the discussion on here to be about the campaign, not about individuals.

  • Ruth

    Ok, it’s your site but I hope the message was understood. “Individuals” who are elected to represent you should be under more scrutiny and it is not personal. Good luck, just don’t count on a fair hearing at planning.